Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun Science Museum

Today we went to the science museum that we passed by yesterday. It was really cool! There were two big satellite dishes, one at each end of the museum, and you could talk into one and someone at the other end could hear you! There was this funnel thing (I don’t know what it’s called, but it was kind of like a wishing well) with metal balls that were fun to watch going around it and down toward the hole and quickly back up. There was a volleyball ‘game’ that Josie and I played where you each have a screen and you can see you, the net, and the other person, and you have to hit the ball to your right (or left, depending on which side you’re on) and watch on the screen where the ball is and hit it. It was hard because the screen was a little messed up and it you could hardly see where your arms were, but it was fun. There was also a high wire bicycle, where you pedal around high in the air. which was pretty scary because it felt like it was tipping to my right. There was a 200 pound weight underneath that kept it balanced. There was a table that was hanging by four ropes, one at each corner. In the middle was a pole that had a marker at the end of it that could be raised and lowered. You put paper in the middle of the table (there was something there to hold it in place), start it swinging in a circle, lower the marker, and it would draw on the paper. There were two swings connected to each other, that Josie and I each sat in. I start swinging while Josie sat still. After I got going I stopped swinging. My swing pulled Josie’s, and soon hers was swinging and mine had stopped. Her swinging then pulled my swing and I started to swing again, and this made Josie’s stop. It went back and forth, and we didn’t have to do anything except at first when I got the swing going.

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