Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today was kind of fun. When I walked to dino- slide where I was supposed to work, found out it was all icy. And two of my other co-workers Robbie and Tara were already trying to get the ice off. And we started at 9:30 am, and when we finally finished, it was 11:00 am! It was so hard to get all the ice and water off this 100 ft slide. Plus it was 6 lanes! After we finally got all the water off I went to the top of the slide to help with sacks, which you need to go down the slide. After about a half an hour after I was at the top of the slide, I was sent down to the bottom of the slide to hand out sacks. Robbie was down there also putting sacks in the bin. After a while we got a rhythm down. He would take the sacks from the people at the bottom of the slide and throw them to me. And I would hand them out to the people waiting in line. Every once in a while it seemed like he would try to aim for my head or make me miss. But only once in a while did I actually not catch the sacks even though there were a lot of them. We seemed to have good rapport as far as that went.

After my and Meggie’s shift was over, my mom wanted to take pictures of us and the stuff in the back round. In the end we not only took pictures but also went on some slides and on the hayride again. It was a ton of fun!

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