Saturday, November 8, 2008

The other day was soo nice! We didn’t do much of anything. The day before, we just got our new laptop, so most of yesterday was spent either trying to get online (which is harder than it sounds,) or trying out all the different gadgets. We got really lucky my mom got a job being a camp host because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to get online. It’s only available to camp hosts.

Right now I am loving my job!! It’s a lot of fun. The people are really nice, and my employer, Aaron is awesome! It’s too bad I probably won’t be here next year.
I was talking to some guys the other day, and one of them said he was working there for 10 years! And he’s only 23! I thought that was amazing.
And then there are some other guys who worked there for 5 years which is still a long time, if you think about it.

Most everything I do there is fun. My favorite is working in the kitchen. Especially at lunch time. Everything is so busy, people trying to talk over each other, getting a customer’s order, the people running to get the food, people making the food and they can’t make it fast enough.
This past Monday, I wrapped hamburgers and cheeseburgers, right during the lunch hour. Even though I was wrapping as fast as I could, there were sometimes 4 people in line. It was so crazy but I think that is the appealing part.

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curicogirl said...

sounds fun... did you get to eat the hamburgers too? yummy! I'm hungry!!!!