Monday, November 10, 2008

Stress, Stress and Stress

These last two days have been hectic and very stressful. Yesterday Molly ate about 1/4 cup pure chocolate chips. And of coarse we hadn't learned from last time when she ate a half a pack of chocolate mint cookies. So we called the animal poison hotline, because we didn't know any vets in Georgia. The first time Molly didn't have any reaction. But they were mostly cookie and not much chocolate. This time we were told to expect a bunch of horrible stuff to happen. And that it may not happen for eight hours. So we waited. It has now been 28 hours since she ate those chocolate chips and we are still waiting for something to happen.

Today we were in Nashville, the Music City. Since the CMA Awards are in 2 days, it was a little hectic. And lots of preperation. So when I went to the Country Music Hall Of Fame, I could see some guys setting up white tents for the affair. It was really cool to actually be there. The Country Music Hall Of Fame was really cool also. They had two temperary exibits. One of Kitty Wells, who was considered the queen of country music. And one of the Williams Family. The exibit was of the whole family and three generations! First there was Hank Williams Sr. who started the Legacy in country music. He died. Then there is Hank Williams Jr. who is still living. He had a son named Shelton Williams. But now everyone calls him Hank Williams the third. It was really cool to look at. Especially since I'm a country fan.

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curicogirl said...

Wow! You are so lucky to be there for the CMA music awards! How fun! You have to send me a picture if you get to see any famous country singers!!!!