Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today was a very interesting and fun day. It said on the schedule I was on Dino- Slide from 9: 30 to 4: 00. So I was at Dino and Aaron comes over the walkie- talkie and asks if I would like to be an alien after my break. (On the hayride there’s a place where there is an attraction with a spaceship, astronauts and space related stuff.)I said that would be great. I was starting to think I would never get to do any acting. So after my break I headed to the alien thing. It was kind of funny to see this guy I only knew by sight in a costume. (He didn’t strike me as the kind of guy to be caught dead in an alien suit.) The only thing I knew about him was his name was Juan and he didn’t know English. I was already worried about this alien job, and this didn’t help my confidence at all, because I wasn’t totally sure of what I was supposed to do. Fortunately when I got there he did know a little bit of English. So we had a kind of conversation, of him trying to tell me what to do and me trying to understand. All of a sudden a tractor was coming, and when I heard it I totally freaked like hyperventilating kind of freaking. At least it felt like it to me. I felt very ill informed without having someone fully explain it to me. Then Juan said go and so I did, waving and acting like an idiot, but that was all part of the job. The best part was the kids loved it.

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curicogirl said...

Don't be embarrassed josie!!!! I bet you looked marvelous! I could so totally imagine you as a crazy alien from jupiter :-)