Friday, November 14, 2008

Flea Markets and More

Today we didn’t get very far, because we had to stop at some flea markets. First we stopped at one in Imboden, and the guy asked where we were from. My mom told him, and he said “What are you doing way out here in Imboden, Arkansas?!” We stopped at another one in Water Wheel. (And we saw the water wheel for which the tiny town was named.) Then we had to stop in Hardy, when we saw all the little antique shops, and a sign that said Hardy was the antique capitol of northeast AR. We’d only made it to two shops when it started raining, so we went to one more then we had to keep driving.


curicogirl said...

so why did you have to go to the flea markets? Did you find any treasures?

curicogirl said...

so.... what happened to this blog???? I want more! Where is all the writing!