Friday, November 14, 2008

Mammoth Cave

Today we drove up to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. The Mammoth caves are the longest known cave system in the world, and the next longest known cave system is only a quarter of the size! Unfortunately, they only allowed babies to go on a tour in a front pack, which we didn’t have, so only Josie and I went. It was a really neat tour! At one point, the guide showed our group what people used to use to go on a tour—before they had lights put in—a lantern with an open flame. He told everyone to turn off cell phones and cameras and things, so the only light was the lantern, then he put out the flame. The darkness was amazing! You couldn’t see anything, and the guide said “If anyone had any questions, raise your hand.” Then he said, “Well, if we’re not talking, we’re walking. Follow me.” It was really funny. There were two places in the cave that had names—Fat Man’s Misery and right after that, Tall Man’s Agony. I liked Fat Man’s Misery—a very narrow passageway that went for 250 ft. Tall Man’s Agony was a place where you had to almost squat down to get through. Toward the end of the tour we saw a cave cricket, which looked very much like a spider, because it had very long, skinny legs, and antennas that looked a lot like it’s legs, so it looked like it had eight legs.

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curicogirl said...

oh my goodness! Wasn't it scary with all the lights off?!?! And it was probably really quiet too. Freaky!!!!